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The Last Tide: An Innverse Story

The Last Tide: An Innverse Story

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The Last Tide is the story of Solca Vis, a young woman who has been magically transported from the Phillippines to a barren island at the edge of Innworld. 

[Fisher] by class and a fisherwoman by trade, Solca Vis will discover the classes, levels, and magic that exist in the place where even [Stormcaptains] and the bravest of adventurers fear to sail.  She must brave monsters, pirates, and the literal edge of the world with the help of her new friends.

Set in Top-Patreon-Writer Pirateaba’s Innverse, The Last Tide is an accessible introduction to the GAMELIT phenomenon for those unfamiliar with it, while providing rich new content to the 100,000+ fans and regular readers of Pirateaba’s The Wandering Inn.

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