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Dropfleet Commander: Resistance Grand Cruiser

Dropfleet Commander: Resistance Grand Cruiser

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The Centurion was the most common standardised vessel of cruiser tonnage in the pre-war EAA Terran Grand Fleet, where as the Gladiator was a limited production test-bed for Vent Cannon technology. In those days the definition of Cruiser was somewhat broader; today, such a bulky vessel is designated as a Grand Cruiser, a classification not really in use with the UCMF. In bulk (though not in firepower), these ships are more akin to a modern Heavy Cruiser. The two have  truly excellent ceramic armour plating that outclasses all but defence monitors in the modern UCMF.

The Centurion's simple but effective all-gun primary armament provides an excellent blend of destructive power and reliability. Its broadsides of transition mass drivers, alongside an oversized twin pure mass driver turret require low weapon maintenance - a welcome factor for the Resistance.

The Gladiator on the other hand trades the mass drivers for Heavy Vent Cannons: dangerous weapons that the UCM long gave up on due to the number of accidents and dangerous internal
meltdowns caused. The Resistance has been able to overlook these flaws, as Vent Cannons are especially devastating. Such power is particularly attractive to Kalium – the rogue Colony has produced fully three times the number of this class than were laid-down before the Scourge invasion.

This set contains 1 Resistance Grand Cruiser, able to be built as either a Centurion or a Gladiator. This brand new Earth-pattern ship supersedes the older Exclusive miniature we produced, moving its turret to the top, and adding a new front keel reminiscent of the rest of the Resistance range.

With extremely heavy armour and devastating weaponry, these ships bring a lot to your games, and will quickly become a priority target for your opponents! The Centurion class is more reliable in its damage output (and doesn't hurt itself!), but the Gladiator will surely find a home due to its outrageously destructive Heavy Vent Cannons.

Contains 1 resin miniature with parts to assemble two variants, and a plastic Dropfleet Commander base and flight stand.

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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