Mafia de Cuba

Mafia de Cuba

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Mafia de Cuba is a quick, portable game of bluffing and hidden roles for six to twelve players, set in the crime-filled years leading up to the Cuban revolution. One player takes on the role of the Godfather, who passes the jewel-filled cigar box from player to player. The other players must secretly, subtly take a character token, steal some of the diamonds from the box, or remove nothing. They may become Thieves, Loyal Henchmen, undercover Agents, or another unique character. The Godfather has to find the Thieves and recover what they ve stolen in order to remain in charge by carefully questioning all those present. Players can lie, exaggerate, tell the truth, or twist another player's words in response to the Godfather's questions. If the Godfather can t recover his diamonds, the player who stole the greatest number of them wins. 

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