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We Love Cats

We Love Cats

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A cloth bag, 30 cat tokens, two custom dice, and rules for adopting cats!

The purr-fect short game for cat lovers!

How many cats can you adopt? Every cat finds a home . . .

• A bag.
• 30 cat tokens – five each of
six different colors.
• Two identical dice.
• This rulesheet.

At the start of the game, draw three cat tokens from the bag. Put them in front of you.
The first player is the one with the most cats in real life.

On Your Turn
If you have NO cats at the start of your turn, you adopt two new ones – draw two tokens from the bag.
Then roll the dice, and resolve the results in any order:
Adopt – Draw one cat token from the bag.
R or L – Pass one of your cat tokens (your choice) to your
neighbor. (Direction indicated by the die result.) Special rule – if you pass (for instance) a yellow cat token, and
the player receiving it already has a yellow token, the cat
token moves in the same direction to the next player. And the
next, if necessary, and so on. If everyone has a yellow token, the cat token goes back into the bag.
Swap – Drop one cat token into the bag and then take one out.
Lose – Where’d that cat get to? Return one of your cat tokens (your choice) to the bag.

If no one has won (see below), the player to the current player’s left now takes their turn.

Ending the Game
The instant you have one cat token of each color, you win!
If the bag runs out of cats, then all cats have been adopted! The player with the most cat tokens at that moment wins.
Ties are possible.

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