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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – Dino Thunder Pack

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – Dino Thunder Pack

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"Dino Thunder! Power Up!" —Dino Thunder Morphing Call

With the return of Mesogog, it has become necessary to invoke the power of the Dino Gems! The students of Tommy Oliver have risen to become a new generation of Power Rangers!

Enhance your game with the high-speed skills of Conner McKnight: Dino Thunder Red. Along with the clever and unbreakable Ethan James: Dino Thunder Blue, the skillful songstress Kira Ford: Dino Thunder Yellow, and the grim intensity of Trent Fernandez: Dino Thunder White!

Then you can face the villainous strength of Evil Dino Thunder White, Trent’s dark mirror who uses the power of the White Dino Gem for evil!

This expansion adds new Ranger and Zord options, plus a new enemy to fight.

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