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Planet B

Planet B

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Populate and form a new planet. Create connections between species and ensure balance and diversity. Form joint units of settlers with your opponents, work together and assert yourself as the wisest leader.

Tile-laying, route-building and area control with a twist.

Every player plays a different species. They all came with a giant spaceship to populate the newly discovered planet together. As their common society is very advanced, they know that it will only work out with diversity and balance between the species. And working together. Not through anybody trying to dominate the whole planet. So everyone gets secret missions as a test to choose the wisest leader. Like populating and different areas and connecting them with routes. Or connecting cities. This is achieved by laying tiles. Besides using their leader to shape the land, players can also build units of settlers with the other players. Whenever a player has completed three secret missions, the game ends. The player with the most points wins.

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