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Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition (3.1) Rulebook

Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition (3.1) Rulebook

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Heavy Gear Blitz 3.1 is the latest rulebook for the Heavy Gear Blitz skirmish game; a tabletop miniatures wargame with over 20 years of heritage and success.

Mother Earth has returned to lay claim to the colony worlds. With over half of the colonies subjugated by these modern conquerors, the various systems are in a desperate struggle to maintain their way of life. Earth’s interstellar invasion force now bears down on Terra Nova, an arid planet that has so far managed to resist due to their warrior cultures and sheer stubbornness.

With each victory, Earth accrues more power and influence. Caprice, Utopia and Eden all offer their warriors to this growing juggernaut. But are they all so willing? While Caprice is reluctant to openly resist, they fight a shadow war that threatens to be their end. Utopia has aligned itself with Earth’s ultimate goals, but the Black Talons have not yet given up on sparking a planet-wide insurgency. Eden is a tangle of nobles lost in devising their own fortunes, glory, or just plain revenge.

The stage is set as Earth and her subjugated allies descend on Terra Nova once more. The stakes of the War for Terra Nova have never been higher. The outcome has never been so uncertain.

Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition (3.1) Rulebook Contents:

  • Expanded lore content to explore, all the rules you need, and the compendium of models; all neatly wrapped up into one book.
  • Feudal overtones meet near-future warfare. New Edenite machines of war make their debut.
  • Ten factions, dozens of sub factions with hundreds of options to select, ranging from infantry and gears to striders and super-tanks.
  • Multitudes of upgrades and customization options, offering you thousands of ways to customize your very own forces, down to each individual warrior.
  • A diverse array of weapons to select from, from pistols and pulse lasers to grenades and heavy artillery.
  • The official background for Terra Nova’s Confederated Northern City-States (North), Allied Southern Territories (South), Peace River, New Coalition (NuCoal), Black Talon, and Leagueless. Along with these are the invaders; Earth’s Colonial Expeditionary Force (C.E.F.) and the colonies of Caprice, Utopia and Eden.
  • Finally, a weapon recognition guide, reference sheets, and token sheets.

With the Heavy Gear Blitz rules you can:

  • Enjoy a fast paced, alternating activation game that leaves no player waiting as every action can be reacted to.
  • Choose to play a casual skirmish game with as little as four models or an intense competitive game with 20 or more models.
  • Build a force from 10 different factions and 36 sub-factions drawn from multiple worlds in the Heavy Gear universe.
  • Use a “combined arms” approach to future warfare that includes Gears, Striders, Combat Mounts, hovertanks, tanks, infantry, VTOLS and aircraft.
  • Select from a diverse array of weapons, electronic warfare tools and many other options to destroy your opponent.
  • Wage war using a highly flexible system with customisation options for commanders, forces or even individual models as veterans and duelists.

Dream Pod 9 have printed this rulebook in the United Kingdom.

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