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Gamegenic Games' Lair 600+ Convertible

Gamegenic Games' Lair 600+ Convertible

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  • Premium multifunctional box for a vast variety of games, gaming accessories, miniatures and card-related games
  • Optimized to perfectly hold up to 600 double-sleeved or 800 board-game-sleeved cards*
  • Shiftable and removable acrylic divider releasing space for your game components and deck boxes if product is not used for cards
  • Revolutionary: The completely removable cover converts easily into a DICE TRAY
  • Perfect for games with a lot of cards like Arkham Horror LCG®, Marvel Champions, Pokémon™, KeyForge®, Flesh and Blood™ or Magic: The Gathering™**
  • Ideal for the Magic: The Gathering™ format Cube Draft **
  • TRULY SMART: 4 horizontally stored drawers
    • 2 x removable drawers
      with revolutionary magnetic flap
    • 2 x removable XXL drawers
  • Very compact. Fits in most regular backpacks to take your different games with you on the go
  • Extra-large top-level compartment for additional life pads, oversized cards and a true companion during gameplay


Product size
(W x D x H)
265 x 238 x 114 mm
Material Nexofyber surface + microfiber inner lining
EXCLUSIVE LINE Material Nexofyber+ surface + microfiber inner lining
Packaging type Window cardboard box
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