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Dungeon Saga Origins – Legendary Edition

Dungeon Saga Origins – Legendary Edition

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Dungeon Saga Origins is the game of classic fantasy adventures for 1-5 players, from ages 10 and up.

Players: 1-5, Age: 10+, Duration: 60-120 minutesGenre: Co-operative Adventure Game

This Legendary Edition of the game contains over 40 Adventures, each taking 1-2 hours, split across four main Quests.

Set in the ever-expanding fantasy setting of Pannithor, players will choose their hero and customize their abilities and equipment, before setting off on an exciting dungeon-crawling game of combat and exploration. Gameplay is intentionally fast, fun, and intuitive.

Dungeon Saga Origins: Legendary Edition contains 96 highly detailed miniatures, including 6 heroes that are exclusive to this version of the game.

The game can optionally be played using the ‘Digital Overlord‘ – an upcoming tool that can manage map reveals, narrate quest intros and save your game state between quests.


  • 1x Organiser tray (for tokens and cards as required)
  • 1x Quick-start guide
  • 1x Model tray (42 models, undead and goblins)
  • 1x Model tray (40 models, Abyssal Dwarfs, Twilight Kin, all heroes, 3 Goblin Banggits)
  • 1x Pack of punchboard tiles and tokens (7 sheets)
  • 1x Extra square of punchboard (traps and boons)
  • 3x Half-size punchboards (Glimmer of Greed, Daughters of Doom, Mirrors of Malice)
  • 1x Pack art prints (4)
  • 1x Rulebook
  • 5x Quest books (Trial of Tyranny, Glimmer of Greed, Daughters of Doom, Mirrors of Malice, Darkness
    under Dyr)
  • 1x Bottom tray (14 models, trolls, Additional Bosses, AD Bosses, Reapers, Impalers)
  • 12x Dice (6 blue and 6 cream)
  • 1x Pack of hero and boss cards (10 hero, 10 boss)
  • 1x Core game card deck (84 cards)
  • 1x Glimmer of Greed card deck (38 cards)
  • 1x Daughters of Doom card deck (38 cards)
  • 1x Mirrors of Malice card deck (38 cards)
  • 1x Legendary Edition deck (23 cards)

Customer Reviews

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peter Munn
Very Enjoyable Dungeon Crawler.

So far we have played 5 sessions and the game is exactly what I hoped. We have a couple of players who are new to games and the streamlined mechanics make it very easy to get into. No tracking of enemy hit points means it playes pretty fast. There is enough depth and tactical decision making to keep our couple of very experienced players engaged as well.

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