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Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down Fireborn Faction

Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down Fireborn Faction

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Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down 2nd Edition Errata

The Fireborn Faction adds a new playable faction of dragons to Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down.

This does not include a copy of the base game, and a copy of the Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down base game is required to play.

This expansion contains

1 Faction Card
5 Stats/Overview Cards
7 Miniatures
2 Token/Tile Punchboards
7 Cards (60x92mm)
1 2-page Rulebook

1 Artenis
1 Bardum
1 Tarkos
1 Kasenda
1 Marandor
1 Rashun
1 Home Base
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