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BX Advanced Bestiary Vol. 1 (softcover)

BX Advanced Bestiary Vol. 1 (softcover)

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Volume 1 of the BX Advanced Bestiary takes the monster entries A-D from the OSE Basic book and expands them with options, added details, use for monster parts, additional monsters, and playable classes based upon the same theme. Each entry is illustrated.

It includes rules for monster and animal training, several new race-as-class options (advanced cave locust, changeling, cyclopskin, dragonborn, and genasi), as well tables showing the monsters organized by HD, terrain, and type.

With a selection of monsters from Ape, white to Dryad, and everything in between, this book provides enough alternatives and new monsters to keep your players on their toes. This version is a black and white POD softcover.
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