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Blood Bowl: Elven Union Pitch & Dugouts

Blood Bowl: Elven Union Pitch & Dugouts

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A double-sided card blood bowl Pitch, complete with matching dug-outs, this is the perfect place for your elven Union teams to play. One side features a perfectly manicured grass Pitch with an elven Union symbol delicately mown into the centre, the other is a Frozen field entirely covered in ice by the swirling winds of magic. The dug-outs are themed to match, with opulent marble boxes and gems everywhere - they feature score trackers, reserves, knocked out and serious injury boxes, down trackers for both halves, and a re-roll tracker. The Pitch is made to the same Specifications as the board included with the blood bowl boxed game, and includes rules for playing on a Frozen Pitch. Double-sided fold-out card Pitch the Pitch has 34mm squares the Starter box contain a larger range ruler to match the larger squares, made in hard plastic
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