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This is one of those games that looks gorgeous but I can't find anyone willing to try it with me. So, I went through the job of watching a youtuber describe how to play it and now I REALLY want to play it.  The basic premise of the game is to complete badges to get victory points. A badge might require 2 purple stones and a pink stone for example. To get those resources you just have to have a rocket on that spot. Those are communal rockets, if a rocket is on the location with the purple stones you...

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Welcome to my tour of various board games. As someone who previously played mostly tabletop roleplaying games and card games I actually don't know that many board games. I've played even less! So, I'm catching up and playing the games we have, starting with Honshu.  Honshu is a tile-laying game about building the best city you can. Each tile has 6 squares and you lay them out however you want across your play space so that it is on top or below another tile. For each town square connected to another town square you create a district. At the end of the...

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